Parent Education and Family
Stabilization Course

Offered through
Conflict Resolution Counseling
The Costello Center

Cohesive Co-parenting:
Advanced Parenting Class for High Conflict Divorce and Further Support

What is the Cohesive Co-Parenting Course?

We work with so many families dealing with significant conflict in their divorce attributable to abuse, addictions, financial disputes, mental and physical health difficulties, and legal battles, among others. Sometimes our 4-hour Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course is just not enough given a family's circumstances. That is where our Cohesive Co-Parenting Course comes in. This course is designed to give co-parents a complete tool box and countless resources to raise their children with empowering love despite the high conflict situations they and their children are facing.

This course is offered as a six week series of one-on-one classes with one of our exceptional Parenting Course leaders, Kelly Zarle or Melanie Kennedy. Kelly and Melanie will help co-parents learn specific strategies for their unique family in a warm and open environment, expanding on the content from our mandated parent course to give parents tangible strategies for co-parenting and dealing with many complex emotions.

It is our unwavering mission to help all families cohesively transition through divorce no matter what difficulties each family may face.

Course Content

  • There is Hope!
  • Stable Parent, Stable Home
  • Co-parent Communication
  • Co-parenting Meetings and Handling the Handoff
  • Risky Business, Understanding the 6 Risks for Children after Divorce and How to Counteract Them with Protective Behaviors
  • Holidays, Special Occasions and School
  • Critical Issues - Emotions and Finances
  • Abuse, Addiction and Abandonment
  • Moving Forward in Dating and Remarriage
  • Co-parenting Beyond Child Support

Cost and Registration

  • This course is offered as a six week series of one hour, one-on-one classes with one of our Parenting Course leaders Kelly Zarle or Melanie Kennedy.
  • These sessions will be tailored to helping your unique family and specific content will be based on your families own needs.
  • For individual co-parents each one-hour session is $85.
  • For both co-parents attending each one-hour session it is $125.
  • You may register online on our Register Now! site by putting Advanced Parenting Course in the subject field. Once receiving this form, we will contact you to complete your registration.
  • You may also register by calling or emailing The Costello Center directly at (727)345-2667 or
One Home

Don't hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.

Our counselors and therapists stand behind the content of this course, but these classes do not serve as counseling sessions or contain legal advice. This course is meant to educate and empower rather than counsel parents. Our staff and course leader will be happy to help you find the resources and professionals to help you if your needs go beyond what's offered in this course.